JP the Barber - The Best in the Business
Jan.3 2017!!!
 6745 Bridge St, Fort Worth, TX 76112

The Grown Man       
The Professional              
Clean cut and  edge          $18           
edge w/  razor                       $20              
cut w/ clipper shave             $25        
The Executive                       
Clean cut Razor edge                                    
Hot lather shave Shampoo   $30           
The CEO                                               

The School Boy
The School Boy                    
Clean cut and edge            $15               
The Young Man                   
Clean cut Razor edge                                    
Face clean-up Shampoo    $20                           
Striaght line parts               $2 & up       
Haircut w/ design              $20 & up
Specialty haircut               $15

A La Carte
Edge up                                  $10
Edge and shave                    $12        
Shampoo                                $7
Dandruff treatment               $10
Moisture treatment               $10
Stimulating treatment
(thinning hair)                        $12
Facial treatment w/ shave
(for hair bumps)                     $15